MWSHOBBY T1001 Ceramic Leviathan Ultimate Hobby File

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MWSHOBBY Leviathan series files, simple, save operation time, easy to operate, excellent and appropriate cutting force, smooth grinding effect, suitable for a variety of materials, very easy to clean, maintenance-free, an Almighty tool.

Item No. T1001

Dimension : approx 165 x 20 x 3.4mm

Double-sided file: Extra Fine/Extra Coarse


  1. Leviathan’s extra fine can quickly cut the sprue and flat surface of the model part, no need to operate with force, easy and simple. #600 cutting force, #1300 smoothness in one polishing time.
  2. Extra fine is a unidirectional tooth pattern, it can be polished back and forth without getting stuck.
  3. In the traditional operation, no special training is required.
  4. Easy to clean, ordinary soft brushes and cleaning gel can clean the file, also you can wash it.
  5. Leviathan hobby file is made by ceramics. No maintenance is required. It can be washed with water, it is recommended to dry it after washing, it can restore the cutting effect of the file immediately.
  6. The plane of the file is durable and flat without deformation.
  7. Compared with a penknife, Leviathan is much more safe and convenient, beginners can easily use it.
  8. Compared with sandpaper, it produces less grinding dust.
  9. A variety of grinding tooth shapes can deal with different surfaces.


Applicable material:

  1. Any Plastic Model plates include transparent pieces;
  2. Resin model;
  3. Resin;
  4. Ordinary wooden models (hard instruments such as black walnut are not recommended);
  5. PVC board or ABS board;


  1. Because Leviathan series files use aviation ceramics as raw materials, the material itself has high hardness, but this kind of feature makes it brittle instead. Please DO NOT bend the file forcibly, please try not to drop the file from 0.9 meters or more to a hard surface (such as the concrete floor, marble, etc.);
  2. Do not use hard brushes such as wire brushes to clean the file, it is harmful to the life of the file;
  3. Please do not polish metal or other materials we have not specified;
  4. It is recommended to put the file in a separate storage box after use to avoid collision with other sharp objects.